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Carvedilol - Are side effects very scary I am going to take 3.125 2X but very fearful?


Dzr59 12 July 2017

I have taken Carvedilol for over 3 years now due to a heart attack and damage to the left side of the heart caused a minor stroke. My side effects included unclear thinking and memory issues. Also any allergy symptoms I used to experience are now amplified. I was on the lowest dosage at 3.125 Mg twice daily. After much diet and exercise my heart function had improved to the point that I was able to cut the pill in half and take half twice daily. The cloudiness and memory function improved and blood pressure still had good numbers. Yesterday, my cardiologist stopped the Carvedilol and replaced it with Diltiazem. Hopefully, the allergy issues will return to normal.

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JordannPharmD 9 May 2017

dizziness, fatigue, diarrhea are common side effects. Why are you taking the carvedilol, blood pressure or heart failure? It's very important that you talk with your doctor about switching to another medication instead of just not taking it.

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