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Once a person stops taking carvedilol, how long does it take to get out of your system?


mehlisue 21 Jan 2015

I take Carvedilol twice a day. I was told that this is because it has a hourly increase in the blood and effect on the heart. Thus, the farther away you are from you last does, the less in your system. SO for me, it is every 12 hours of 24 to keep a steady dose amount in the blood. The issue with stopping Corge or Carvedilol all at once without giving the heart time to adjust can be dangerous. The medication actually control how your heart functions. If you drop it suddenly, the heart is stressing being left without it's ability to do it's job. Thus, it can be life threatening and not advised without a doctor monitoring what the heart is doing when you decrease the amounts and go to nothing.

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