My Dr. treated me with meperdine for the past 3 years, to keep severe migraines from making me non-functional. I have severe allergic reactions to most all other pain medications. Mepergan was the medicine that helped me with my severe pain, and allowed me to be normal. I could go to work, church, and sports events, I could clean my house, and just be normal. The mepergan also had an anti-nausea med (promethazine) combined in the dark red capsule. That was a dream med. to me, because the pain was GONE, and I was not throwing up!

No one can tell me why this drug is not available anymore, and I have no idea where to start to try to find something else that works for me. I had been through so many others meds, that made me sick, before using meperdine. I have asked my local pharmacy for the reason to discontinue this med. and I was given this answer "I really dont know"... Is there another medicine that I dont know about, that might give me the same results? I have tried, non-narcotic, as well as other narcotic drugs. Nothing works like meperdine. It is very hard to have a conditon that can actually stop you for days at a time! It is as hard to know that there had been a medication that helped me, but will not be available anymore. What kind of studies were done before this action was taken? Were patients questioned?? I would like to share my story to the FADA. I have all of my records that show the difference, in my Dr. visits while being able to use meperdine, as opposed to when it was no longer available to me. I would appreciate any information on this subject, as well as advice. I suffer on a regular basis, and was much more active, and functional, when I had meperdine if or when I needed it. Can you help me??