I took Norco 10/325 for 3 months due to back to back foot surgeries. The pain in my feet finally was bearble to where I did not need the Norco but I began having pretty bad withdrawals. I was having unbearable leg pain, anxiety and mentally seeking more. I found a doctor that prescribes Suboxone in my area and he prescribed me 8mg/day. I took my first does 19 hours after my last Norco and it worked! No more withdrawal symptoms from Norco. I took Suboxone for 3 days and began having severe vertigo symptoms. I went back to the Suboxone doctor yesterday and he said cut the film in half to get 4mg in my systme instead of 8mg. I did that yesterday but STILL have severe vertigo to the point it's making me feel very nauseous. It has been about 21 hours since I had the last does of Suboxone.

My question is this... Can I quit Suboxone after only 4 days of being on it without having withdrawals from Suboxone and/or Norco?

I have to get off the Suboxone. After reading many, many, many posts, it scares me to even think about being on this any longer with how addicting it can be. I never imagined I would ever be addicted to anything but after 3 months of being on Norco (an opiate), I guess my body got addicted to it.

I have to say... I'd rather be addicted to the Norco than the Suboxone if it's going to continue making me feel like I'm constantly spinning and wanting to puke.

HELP! Can I get off of Suboxone without having withdrawals to it after being on it for only 4 days?