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Can I get in trouble if I give my prescription drugs to a friend?

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cameron nejad 25 Nov 2017

if i consume prescription gaviscon, eventhought it’s not mine, will anything happen to me, even though stores sell the exact same thing

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markleventhal 7 Aug 2016

I have a condition that required a very expensive medication, in the neighborhood of $6000 a month and It is a forever treatment.
If I were to have people send me their extra drugs; sometimes patients change brands of go off therapy of a multitude of reasons, and I were to get them to someone who is having problems with their insurance company, how much at risk am I.
I'd only send it to someone who was on the treatment and had a proper diagnosis. There would be no money changing hands anywhere along the path,
Is this a felony or a misdemeanor.

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DzooBaby 5 Dec 2011

Technically you could get into trouble. Giving prescription drugs to others is considered diversion.

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midnightcowboy 5 Dec 2011

Not "tecnically" at all. It breaches laws and puts the other person at risk. That's not technical, which makes it sound like it's OK but there's some problem you don't understand. Diversion? Effectivly it is dealing.

midnightcowboy 3 Dec 2011

Hi Curious,

I'm quite interested as to why you ask this question.

You see prescription drugs are prescribed to an individual, not to someone to share, but to help with their illness.

To give them to anyone could be playing with their life.

Whether it is against the law really depends on where you are and why you did share and how often.

For example if one did give away all meds all the time you would indeed be in the "dealer" category and pay dearly for doing such.

So it really is a risky thing to do as you have no idea what the effect may be on someone else. That's why docs and shrinks study these things at uni and constantly once in practice. So they know as much as possible about a med and who they prescribe if to.

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curiousonetwo 3 Dec 2011

a friend has the same drug as me and they ran out came to me and I refuse to give them mine I was just checking to see what answers I got I already knew I did the right thing

midnightcowboy 3 Dec 2011


I'm glad you display such high minded principles. Well done.

sheerrie 1 July 2014

I just found a bottle of sucralfate in my house that belongs to a person that does not live here and never has.

script101 2 Dec 2011

You can definitely get in trouble for giving prescription medication to your friends. If it was okay for anyone to take it then it wouldn't require you to get a prescription from a doctor. Also, many medications can have serious side effects on people when they are on other medication, have certain conditions, or are not being monitored by a professional. If some places, actual charges may vary by state and country, you can be held responsible if they were to be seriously harmed or injured as a result of the medication you gave them. Also, do you really want to live with the guilt of hurting someone as a result of giving them a medication?

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