... relationship for a number of years now and has had rapidly deteriorating health in the last three years. There are other mitigating factors to the relationship that support the possibility that I will leave out here because I would like to focus on confirming my theory from a medical perspective. Any 2,3, of 4 of the symptoms could be discounted by other conditions, but when you put them all together it seems to me to eliminate most if not all other possibilities.

Main symptoms are:
Hearing loss
Hoarse voice
Lack of appetite(doesn't eat for days at a time)
Loss of taste
Loss of weight
Alternating constipation and diarrhea
Violent vomiting after eating meals presented by spouse(often for 6-8 hours)
rapid heart beat
extremely high blood pressure
extreme itching... especially on back
loss of vision
change in skin color
rash and scales(appeared recently after first substantial meal and after long night of violent illness)
Leg weakness... especially in calves
huge mood swings
extreme emotional reactions
Hypothermia in extremeties(hands and feet cold to the touch)
enlarged heart
liver disease
chronic bronchitis
difficulty urinating(often can't for days at a time)
blood in urine

There are more symptoms, but this is the main thrust. Needless to say, she just wants to die. This all came on in the last three years and I recently had her look in the bottom of her coffee cup after drinking(many days she does not eat at all and only consumes coffee and water) the bottom was covered not with grounds but with a greyish black powder that she said somewhat resembled pepper. She is uncooperative to do anything about it. Before I call the FBI or the police, I wanted some opinion on whether any other condition could account for all of this. Please, I need your help