Now takiing: Biest/Progesterone (BiPr) 25mg, 1 tablet, 2x/day, for night sweats & hot flashes. Dr.was saying too little progesterone in my system and too much estrogen. I was previously taking Effexor, .375mg, for several months but stopped taking last week (also for Sweats)... and began BiPr. I am getting moderate headaches 3-4x/day. Motrin tends to alleviate headaches but make me sleepy. Sweats continue and are at ~10x/day. I am trying to understand if going off the effexor combined with starting this bio-idential hormone replacement therapy is why i have the headaches and feel kind of 'off' - achy, etc? And how long can i expect it to be before the bihrt works? And as a note, my dr is sending me some progesterone cream whichi donot know strength and i am told to quit one of the bipr pills a day and do the cream. thanks you