I am a 51 year old woman who has suffered with heavy, heavy bleeding due to fibroids. My choice was not to have a hysterectomy just didn't want surgery, and then entering into menopause wanted nature to take its course. Prescribed Otho took for several months no help. 2 shots over a two month period of Lupron Deposit still no help. With Lupron it did jump start menopausal symptoms and combination of that with my monthly cycle made me feel much much worse. Then UFE procedure which I thought was my fix again no help. GYN prescribed 200mg of Progesterone and have been taking for almost 3 weeks. No I have to say I haven't felt this good in nearly 5 years. It has helped my menopausal symptoms for sure. All gone are the foggy head, joint pains, acne, depression, and insomnia. In this short time since on Progesterone I have lost a few pounds which is GREAT!! Question is how long can I take safely and if /when I stop will my period and menopausal symptoms return??