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Can diclofenac be used for tooth pain?

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Arshid Qalmi 21 Jan 2018

Dentists generally prescribe diclofenac for the management of pain & inflammation of dental problems and in most of the cases the drug shows successful results. But it is the severity, location of suffering tooth/teeth and the general medical condition of the patient which gives the Doctor a clue for prescribing a pain killer. In severe and unbearable dental pain Ketorolac is considered drug of choice but cannot be used for long run as it's side effects are very adverse than other generally prescribed NSIADs.

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kyrsten 15 Aug 2016

Some of this advice is horrible. Firstly, diclofenac is AMAZING for dental pain. I've had the worst infection from a hole in my tooth and Ivhappened to have some prescribed for back pain. I figured it would help because it is an NSAID but what I wasnt expecting was that it works very quickly! Also... toradol should only be administered in the hospital under the carest of a doctor because it is very strong... definitely the best anti-inflammatory but if can also blow out your kidneys.

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73isold 14 July 2017

I have been using diclofenac 100mg as prescribed by my dentist. It worked quite well.

pup6767 11 Sep 2011

It depends on how bad the tooth pain is.
Voltaren (diclofenac) is a stronger NSAID than Ibuprofen. But u really should go to the dentist and get checked out. Usually tooth pain is due to an infection so u probably need some antibiotics. Then the dentist can also give u something stronger for the pain. If u don't want a narcotic a really great NSAID is called Toradol (keterolac). If u have ulcers this would not b a good drug. And u can only b on toredol for 10 days. But it is really a great pain reliever.
Hope u feel better...

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litlmommag 11 Sep 2011

My opiniom is ragel and ambisol seem to wear off quick and cause more pain when it wears off taking oral meds exspecally nt for that kind of pain bad idea this may sound like it isn't strong enough but this is what we do in my house even when my hubbys wisdom tooth was infected get sme children liquid motrin and a syring squirter put it directly on the effected area let sit for one minute spit it out it will numb it in one minute don't forget your gums I swear its great cost about 10$ a bottle at most will last for a long time rather than a little tube and could be kept for fever or other things good luck hope this helps litlmommag-

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LaurieShay 11 Sep 2011

Hey tina,

Diclofenac, a nonsteroidal anti inflammatory, probably won't help a toothache much. How about some Anbesol or other topical numbing agent? Can be found in the pharmacy over the counter.

Hope you get relief soon,


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