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Can a patient with chronic pancreatitis take beer? Is Creon the right medicine for it?


japaro 27 Nov 2009

Any form of alcohol can cause an attack. I have chronic pancreatitis due to high blood fats, and I can't drink any alcohol. If you are in pain, I would recommend you talk to a pain management clinic and get yourself on some pain killers. The doctors would rather see you on percocets and morphine than drinking beer to deal with pain. I'm sure it won't flair up 100% of the time, but the risk is very high. I almost died from a pancreatitis attack, it collapsed a long and I spent three days in the ICU and was given a 15% chance of living. Even if your one of the rare patients without constant pain, I would recommend pain killers for when it does flair up. That one time in the hospital cost over $90,000, and that didn't include tests or the doctors or the medications.

Just a note, people will tell you your an addict once you start pain killers, it's only true if you take your pills as not prescribed. You body will become dependant, but once you realize that the pills only work for so long, and you only have so many, you most likely will take them as prescribed. Also, you build a tollerance to them, and taking them like they are a party supplement means a few years down the road nothing will work, so don't go overboard.

Creon is a to help you digest your food. When your pancreas is damaged you can no longer produce these enzymes on your own. The pancreas produces enzymes, insulin, and baking soda. The supplements I'm supposed to take reduce the stomach acid (protonics), supplement the enzymes (something like creon) and Insulin (both long and short acting). I haven't been taking my supplements and as a result, I'm now getting some complications (lack of potassium and vitimin's b & d). So, now I'm going to have to renew my prescription and stick to it. However think they actually cause pain, they relieve it in most people.

Good luck.

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robo 9 Aug 2009

You will find information on chronic pancreatitis

As chronic pancreatitis is most often caused by alcoholism and alcohol abuse, it is up to the patient's doctor to make the decision about beer and alcohol consumption.

Treatment of chronic pancreatitis may involve:

* Analgesics or surgical nerve block to relieve pain
* Eating a low-fat diet
* Getting enough vitamins and calcium in the diet
* Taking insulin to control blood sugar levels
* Taking supplemental pancreatic enzymes, such as Creon.

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