Can a Dr. just suddenly take you off of xanax after being precribed 4 a day for appx 6 years? I have a very high anxiety disorder and depression due to childhood occurances and a physically abusive marriage for 13 years. This is my 1st day without the medication and I am ready to lose my mind already, to say the least. I left his office yesterday in a panic (which is when I normally have the seizures but, I did have my doses for yesterday and even saved one for this morning when I woke up. I have been having seizures due to stress and I DO depend on the xanax to keep me from the anxiety, depression and seizures. Is this legal on his part? I take the medication as prescribed, I have never tested positive for anything else, I have already had TWO CT's and an MRI per his (The Dr.'s) request and now he wants to do a brain wave test but, wants me off the xanax for the wave test. I walked out because he had already taken from me the only thing I have found that works and there is NOTHING wrong with my brain, it all stems from my past. What should I do? And is this legal for him to abruptly stop the xanax at the drop of a hat with NO Notice, No weaning off, no substitute, NOTHING!!! Especially when xanax is the ONLY thing that works for me?