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BuSpar - How far apart should I take my dosages for best results?

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LaurieShay 20 Nov 2012

BuSpar should be taken at the same times everyday and always with food or always without food, but not sometimes with food and other times without food. I would try to have 8 to 12 hours between dosages, but stay consistent with the time and whether you take with food or not.

BuSpar is for reducing anxiety which can help with mood depending on the reasons for the changes. If this medication doesn't help after trying for a couple of weeks, there are other medications to try for mood stabilization.

Leahbobeah90 10 Jun 2017

This is so good to know I am taking 15mg of Buspar twice daily and I have only been on it for 2 weeks now going on 3 weeks... I wasn't sure how to take it either so I'm glad I found this comment :) thank you so much !!!

Lori Vandergriff 5 May 2017

How far apart should I take my dosage for best results? free discount card

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