I was diagnosed about 3 months ago with ADD and GAD. I started out on 5 mg of Adderall and it has been immediately life-changing: more energy, more ability to focus and stay on task, much less anxious, not as easily distracted, improved short-term memory, and much more emotionally balanced with my kids--no more angry flare ups on my end. Seriously amazing results.

However, I still have a persistent underlying feeling of sadness. It's not debilitating depression or an existential melancholy, but a mild sadness, like an empty nest or "day after the ball" feeling. My doctor was torn between adding either Wellbutrin or an SSRI, but opted for Wellbutrin, since I was describing sadness as opposed to anxiety.

What I neglected to discuss with my doc in this last appointment was how prone to rumination and perfectionism I am. I'll receive an email from someone, and turn it over in my head over and over, analyzing every word for tone and subtext. I'll send lengthy emails and then re-read them several times throughout the day. If I don't "close the loop" on a conversation, I will obsess about it, waiting for a reply ... and then obsessing that I haven't received a reply and creating stories as to why. I often connect-the-dots and come to conclusions that end up being completely wrong.

So my question is ... does Wellbutrin generally tend to help with rumination as well?