I've been on combined monophasic bc pills for the past year or so.
I noticed today that I have sore nipples. Only the tips of them, though.
I had sex without a condom with my boyfriend 4 times, all with him finishing outside of me (not effective, I know). I was on antibiotics in early June, this happened mid-late July (I calculated and the antibiotics were no longer in affect)
I am on antibiotics now and am using a condom.
I'm just worried that I may have become pregnant. I take birth control for a reason, pregnancy protection being one of them.
I take all of my pills at the exact same minute, with a few pills here and there taken 1-2 minutes early or late. I'm just worried that it failed me and that I slipped up somehow.
I was supposed to start my period on Thursday, but I started a new pack this past Monday to skip it, since my boyfriend is still in town visiting, and I didn't want to deal with my period. So I will not be able to report on if it's normal or not. My last period was normal though, started at the expected time.
Hopefully someone can give me some information and advice.
Thank you.