Hello to all,

This has been my first day that I have not taken my regular dose of Xanax. My doctor put me on 0.5mg x twice a day, and gradually increased this dosage to 1.5mg twice a day.

My doctor is now refusing to prescribe me anymore Xanax and essentially made me quit cold turkey when I came back to him to renew my prescription. He said given that I have taken them for only 4 months, that I would not get withdrawal symptoms, but this has proven to not be true.

My main problem is not the severe anxiety or restlessness, but the inability to sleep. Whenever I lay my head down, my eyes and face cannot stop twitching and I cannot sleep at all.

My question is this: If SWIM can get his hands on some adderall (15mgs), would this be a good way to help me sleep, given that the adderall will cause me to crash at some point in time? I know taking amphetamine salts when I am restless may seem counter productive, but I just want the ability to sleep.

Please someone give me some advice about this, especially if you have done it in the past. Thank you so much.