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What are the best times to take gabapentin if prescribed 3x's daily?

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Fragilexmom 21 April 2018

I take one tablet in am and two pm. Why? I get up 5:30 am and take my pm 6:00. I tried to remember the middle does but kept forgetting. So I had to do what works for me. You have to find out what works for you.

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whoamitoday 2 Dec 2018

Do you still take Gabapentin? What time of day is best for you? I take 300mg once a day. Hope your doing well ❤️

Windchimes123 21 April 2018

Hi Kj,
Hospitals usually give meds written for 3 x a day as 9am - 1pm - 5pm.
However, at home you have more flexibility.
I would consider the time you get up and the time you go to sleep.
Ex ... 8am & 12am = 16 hours.
Find the time somewhere in the middle. You want the medication to be given every 8 hours while awake.
A.m. dose 8am
Mid day dose is 4pm.
HS dose is 12am
Most important is to keep the same time everyday.
I hope this helps.

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whoamitoday 30 Nov 2018

Hi just curious are you still taking Gabapentin? How much and how often?

I was prescribed it for mood swings a few months ago.

I hope your well... free discount card

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