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Does Benadryl cause you to be positive for a drug test?


Inactive 14 April 2012

Shady is correct. I have had clients through the years that tested positive from their nasal sprays (decongestants etc.) though. I had to swear to the psychiatrists on the client's behalf that there was no way that these folks took street drugs. It was confirmed on later tests. Hope that helped alittle. Maybe you took something like that? mindy

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Inactive 14 April 2012

You might be confusing antihistamines with ephedrine based drugs, or maybe just don't know and would like to. No. Benadryl neither shows as a positive on drug tests 1, 5 and 7-10 (panel... as in, the areas of drugs they test for) nor an inconclusive result on the 7-10s (1 and 5 wouldn't even get near histamine blockers in its sought out chemicals).

If you ask because you came up positive for something and benadryl is all you have taken, perhaps more information would help solve your confusion as to the positive, but again, the answer to the asked question is no.

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Steve Reimund 28 Dec 2016

My baby's mom is in drug court and I'm pretty sure the drug testing is sent to a lab and (I'm no Dr) gas spectrometer tested. Anyway, I let my baby girl stay with her last Sunday night and I sent an unopened bottle of Q-Dryl in her diaper bag because she recently had a pretty bad rash. The diaper bag came back last night with all the other medications but no Q-Dryl. My question is would that gas testing pick it up? free discount card

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