I had a panic attack over moth 1/2 ago .. ER doc presc Ativan and sent me home the next MORNIN I wake up not feeling normal or myself at all . All these weird sensations were going thru my body . I immed panicked .. Hence another Ativan oh yea all was fine muscles relaxed and by third day I thot ok I can deal with the anxiety I'm a strong person ( I contributed my attacks to sugar dips) and thot I will handle this well every week I felt better but anxiety and panick came in from nowhere soon I was taking two . 5 mg a day ( week 2 & 3) I work full time and go to school but I love this .. It's me it's who I am .. But I kept spiraling downhill by week three I was having bad side effects everything intensified . I begin to notice the more I took the med the more my head ached , the more my muscles ached , I sweated like crazy, I couldn't catch my breath , & worst my throat tightened and muscles burned neck and shoulders. I had the sense to know this had to be the med so after 3 1/2 wks I quit Ativan .. I1 st week ll symptoms described intensified.. I went to work taking. Napricin and a calming tea barely touched the effects .. Day three some relief but I still felt not like myself day 9 the tightness and muscle burning have sig alleviated .. Day 13 still have some blurry vision, the fuzzy non clear headed feeling exists . I hate to sound like a whiner because I feel for all those others that took a longer toll BUT NO MATTER the length the symptoms all seem similar .. PLZZZ anyone with experience it's two weeks off and I feel better than day one but how much longer will my head feel normal and my personality return .. I MISS ME And my family .. They r somewhat supportive but I can't seem to fit back in all the way ??? THIS IS NO JOKE PLZ RECONSIDER AND VIEW ALL SITES BEFORE YOU CONTINUE TO TAKE