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Is Ativan 1 mg stronger than Klonopin 1 mg and what's the difference?

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Statelinerd 2 Sep 2019

Ativan and Klonopin are very similar in their mechanisms of action. Both are available in the same milligram, they are both benzodiazepines and they are both used to calm the central nervous system. The main difference is that Ativan is released into your system in as little as 30 minutes, providing almost instant relief from anxiety. Because it starts working faster, it also exits your body faster, so it needs to be taken more than once a day. Because of its almost instant relief, Ativan along with Xanax are much more likely to be abused. Klonopin on the other hand provides relief in an hour or more but due to its extremely long half-life, lasts all day. Many people can take their daily amount of Klonopin in one dose and it provides 24-hour relief. This is more convenient for the patient. Also since Klonopin is gradually released into your system, it has less potential for abuse.


The bottom line is Ativan is very effective but only for a short time making it ideal for Dennist visits or people who about to face some sort of anxious event in their life, but it's not really designed for long-term treatment of any anxiety disorder. Klonopin on the other hand offers of slow-release making it ideal for people with generalized anxiety disorder and panic disorder and can be used long-term.

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ChiariOCD 25 July 2019

Ok. Elimination half life is about 8 hours for lorazepam and 30 for clonazepam. Lorazepam "feels stronger" because the drug gives you a quick and pronounced effect vs clonazepam, but if you refer to equivalent doses (which have more to do with a bunch of people and not you specifically and less to do with your perceived effect) the equivalent dose guidelines are 1mg clonazepam is (for purposes of conversion) 3mg Ativan. Your personal mileage may vary. Typically, the shorter the half life the more perceived relief of symptoms and the more immediate and severe withdrawal symptoms. If you'd like to avoid severe, long-standing symptoms it's good to keep the dose as low as possible and the half life short and not use beyond a couple of weeks. I am being forced to quit due to the potential for interaction with another medication and I find these equivalent doses to be right on the money for me but they are an AVERAGE. Some people get headaches FROM aspirin.


It depends on previous use, tolerance, and a ton of other physiological and psychological and external factors which is why all brain meds especially tend to need adjustment based on symptoms and side effects. After you've been on clonazepam for 10 years I assure you from personal experience that it loses effect and requires more of the drug to get the same effect which is a good time to either switch to a different BZD drug or taper very slowly off with the support of a physician. Arguing is pointless as those conversions are not based on you personally.

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mcdonnelllauren56 28 March 2019

No I think klonopin 1mg is much higher than 1 mg of Ativan

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Lisa vaughn 21 Feb 2019

1mg of clonazepam is like a 2.5mg Ativan. And clonazepam is longer lasting.

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Crazibusdriver 14 Nov 2017

I would like to know which gives you the best result ativan or klonopin

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KT8 4 July 2018

Depends on your type / level of anxiety. Ativan is more for calming your system down immediately, while Klonopin will keep you calm through out day. I have been on both , & from personal experience klonopin is more a stable medication. But if you let it dissolve under your tongue it will give you restless like ativan but continue longer if needed. If you suffer from sudden attacks here and there ativan is your choice. If you suffer constant anxiety I believe klonopin is a better option.

KT8 4 July 2018

Result not restless

simon pashley 5 12 May 2017


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GreekGuy 9 June 2018


p009smc 7 March 2015

Unlike Klonopin, Ativan has very low lipid solubility. This causes it to stay in the vascular compartment. As a result, you will experience peak effects from Ativan for 6-12 hours. Ativan's elimation half life is 9-20 hrs. Klonopin has a longer half life at 50 hrs. but with its high lipid solubility, it quickly breaks the blood-brain barrier, and peak effects are closer to only 1-2 hrs. The two agents are more or less "cousins" & one being stronger than the other may not mean it will work better. For further info, reasearch the pharmacokinetics of each agent.

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babydoll610 14 Jan 2015

Honestly for me klonopins do not work I'd rather take .5 mg of ativan over and mg of klonopins ... I've just been prescribed klonopins after being on ativan and once again I'm suffering from anxiety but everyone's different I have generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and panic disorder so maybe that's why it doesn't work for me I don't know...

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Inactive 16 July 2014

1 mg lorazepam (ativan) is equal to 0.5 clonazepam (klonopin). Klonopin has a half life of 18 hrs up to 50 hrs whereas ativan has a half life of 10 hrs up to 20 hrs.

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Dancing Dentist 5 March 2015

So how many green k-pins are in 2mg Ativan?

milamnickell1115 11 Aug 2015

HOW can you say that a 1mg ativan is equal to a 0.5 mg,just because t shelf life?I agree klonopins last longer,but that doesn't mean that there isn't the same amount of lorazepam in the ativan as there is clonazepam kolonopin?I'm just wondering where the information is coming from?I'm trying to figure that out myself,because you can't just say there's more medication in the klonopin because of the shelf life.

milamnickell1115 11 Aug 2015

You have to see the amount of lorazepam in the ativan,as do the same with the clonazepam in the klonopin,this is really frustrating,I feel like klonopins seem to be stronger to,but I think a 2mg kolonopin vs 2mg ativan most likely have the same amount of the medicine that is clonazepam in the klonopin as lorazepam in the ativan,the acting ingredient.I'm just wondering where the information came from?A Dr?I'm sure you can understand what I'm saying as well,please let me know,I like to learn new things,and again you can't base this on half life or how long it takes to work?I'm just wondering myself. milamnickell@yahoo

Casey Drews 21 July 2017

I keep seeing comments on "shelf life". Shelf life has nothing to do with the
strength of the drug it is "half life". Please get it right

Crazy life 25 Aug 2017

I'm going through the same thing. I had to switch meds at the request of my pm Doctor and my pysc Doctor I have to take 1 mg Ativan to get the same effect as a .5 Klonopin. Doctor said Klonopin is stronger than Ativan so now instead of taking 1 1/2 Klonopin a day I have to take 3 mg Ativan a day. I personally think it's stupid. They just came out with a law if you're on pain meds you cannot take Klonopin. I had to sign a paper free discount card

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