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What is stronger, a 2mg ativan or a 10mg valium? Please Help. Thanks!?

5 Answers

Sanfran55 31 Oct 2022

Valium is way stronger than 1 mg of ativan

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warm me up 31 Dec 2014

Start with 3mg of the lorazepam until the future then move on to the vallium when ur tolerance is sky in from the the ativan

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lindagail1965 5 Aug 2010

yes deffinatly i would say ..valium... im taking them now ... took atavan in the past /couldnt tell i was taking anything

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granny50 4 March 2012

So the valium 10 mg's would do better then 2mg's of ativan. Will it go over the ativan when i switch???

Inactive 5 Aug 2010

I have found this and have no idia if it's true;
there are tons of thread about this, but for me, .5mg kpin=5mg of valium=.5mg of ativan. before i had a had any tolerance, i would have said .7mg of kpin=5mg of valium=1mg of ativan. valium seems to loose its effect like crazy. how much of which benzo i have been taking as of late affects this as well. I've somehow gotten it so .5mg of ativan is more present than 5mg of valium, when it used to be such the opposite. kpin is the worst of the benzos; great if nothing else is there, but otherwise it's negligible.

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Inactive 5 Aug 2010

Hi ,

10 mg of valium = 1 mg of ativan... therefore valium 10 is stronger.

Take care.-

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oxyaaron 20 Sep 2010

ou mean the ativan is stronger

oxyaaron 20 Sep 2010

sorry but you did ur math wrong on this one

oxyaaron 6 Oct 2010

messed meself up the valium is stronger

granny50 24 Feb 2012

I am wanting to do the samething. So does that mean 10 mg's of Valium is not strong enough for 2 mg's of ativan???

Inactive 4 March 2012

2 mgs of Ativan are stronger.

granny50 4 March 2012

How am i suppose to cross over with out rebound then??? That wouldn't be strong enough. Have you ever had to cross over to another Benzo?

LiveAid 21 Jan 2014

IF 1 mg of ativan = 10 mg of valium, the 2 mg of ativan is stronger - in fact that would be twice as strong (2 > 1). I'm not sure if the premise is correct (that 1 mg ativan = 10 mg valium), but I DO KNOW that your math is wrong. The opposite is true. free discount card

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