I do have a severe anxiety disorder, I always [even when I was in high school, back in the 1980's] I had a bad anxiety issue, so after I graduated in 1988, I started seeing a psychiatrist, and he got me on 2 mg xanax 3 times day, but over 1-2 yrs, I needed more, so I went to a differeant Dr. and would pay cash for the other 90 2mg xanax, so I was on 6 a day for over 5 yrs. Well, I ran out, it seemed like I went into instant withdrawl, so my mom has to get 10mg Valium 30/mth w/ her Pain pills[ she has Multiple Sclrosis] and she dose not take her Valium 10mg b/c it knocks her out, so I have been takind 2-3 10 mg Valium, and I am on day 2 [w/out any xanax] I have a stomach ulcer[ probably from all the pills I have taken] and when I ran out of my Xanax [ I honestly think someone got into my supply, b/c I would give my Mom about 5 Xanax a week to help her anxiety, and I think she may of gotten into my bottle, or I would not of ran out, and I know I had 37 left when I went to spend the night , due to 1 of her M.S. flare ups, and the next am, my Vanax bottle had 8 left! So, she gave me 20 of the 30 Valium she gets, I have been taking 2 10mg Valium, and they take the edge off, but that is it, I feel so Dope sick, it is unreal. I was thinking if I could go a few more days w/ the Valium, maybe I will not be addicted to Xanax?? But I have to have something for my severe anxiety issue, I heard that Kolonipn 2mg is the best choice of the 3 [Xanax, Valium, Klonopin]] I also read some other post on another website, and there was a guy that posted he had been on Xanax 2mg for 12 yrs, and they have a fast acting resonse, but leave ur body quickly, so that is why he was taking 6-8/day, then went to Klonopin 2mg, then the Valium 10mg is what he chose b/c it stays in ur system alot longer than Xanax, but I am trying to think about how much longer will I feel 'Dope sick' from cold turkey Xanax, and what other 1 I am going to choose before I go back to my Psychatrist. I do need 1 of the 3, but I know how Xanax works, it dose come on fast, and it leaves fast, and the withdrawls I have been experiancing is not at all fun, That guy that posted about how he took all 3, and decided to stick w/ Valium10 mg b/c it works best, but a aquantance of mine that was taking alot of Vanax was switched to Kolonapin 2mg. said that they keep u from Sezing, but they r not like Xanax at all, so if u have tooken Xanax, and got off of them b/c of the worst withdrawl symptoms, what do you suggest I take [since I have never took Kolonpin, I have no clue as to how it works..I just want to know 1. How long dose it take to get better from the withdrawls from Xanax? 2. Out of the other 2 Valium 10mg, & Kolonpin 2mg, which 1 do u think I should switch too? [I do not ever want to experiance withdrawls like ths ever again] I need ur help if u have taken Xanax ,like me, which 1 should I ask my Psychiotrist to switch me too? I know he writes Klonopin too, but not sure if he writes Valium???
Any replys would greatly be appreicated.
I am having to run to the bathroom every 30 minutes ro 2 hours w/ diarreah, and I am taking Phenergan 25 mg to help w/ the vomiting,,, plz help!