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Can Aspercreme with lidocaine be used on shingles?


Windchimes123 2 Feb 2017

Hi mpp,
Yes but it it effective for the stage you are in now?
Is this your first attack?
Are you still in the initial stage with blisters present.
If this is first attack and blisters are crusted over then it may work with the addition of NSAIDS.
Aspercreme is for the treatment of itching and pain for the skin only.
Unfortunately, one of the complications of shingles is nerve involvement- PHN (Post Herpetic Neuropathy)
This is more than a condition of the skin but the nervous system. It occurs more often in the elderly.
It is also better to do aggressive treatment initially to prevent complications.
For nerve pain :
ANTIDEPRESSANT - They have a good affect on nerve pain. The antidepressant effect is good if the chronic pain is causing an emotional effect on you.
ANTI-SEIZURE - It's been found that seizure medication has an "off-label" treatment of nerve pain. It's now become the drug of choice for PHN, Fibromyalgia, RSD, etc.
TOPICAL - The Aspercreme with Lidocaine, Capzasin, etc.
OPIOIDS- This is for last resort care when all else fails.

If anyone else has suggestions, please do.
Best wishes

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Windchimes123 2 Feb 2017

Forgot anti-viral medications.
They are another classification than listed above.
Herpes Zoster is a virus. free discount card

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