I see posts on this forum from people who were taking Zoloft or similar, were switched to Adderall and became ill. I must tell you that this combo is a bit scary. MAOI is not the only med which, when taken with Amphetamine, raises red flags, because Amphetamine is a form of MAOI. Low-dose Adderall (10-20 mg tablet 1 x per day) and lowest 'effective' dose of Zoloft (50 mg) are unlikely to result in catastrophic events... although I'd keep some Valium around, just in case. In the Adderall posts, I found an entry by someone who seemed to exhibit symptoms of serotonin overload or withdrawal symptoms and possibly a combination. All the people taking the psychostimulants know to keep away from Robitussin DM and other DMX? You can have DMX *alone*, but I wouldnt be mixing it with either of the aforementioned. Is this a useful question?