can vyvanse and adderall make a person suffering from ADD have similar side effects as OCD do to the effects of the vyvanse and adderall..

since getting on Vyvanse and adderall.
I have suddenly become a clean freak where as before I was diagnosed with ADD I did not have no interest in doing anything productive.. I was bored all the time and never could be content and it seemed the only way I could find satisfaction was too do crazy things getting myself injured from my bizarre behavior.
I have been having compulsions to do things with more structure and a compulsion to make things as good as I possibly can but I repeat my cleaning over and over and I'm always looking for something to make it better and cleaner and then it still don't feel like it's good enough.. Could this be the vyvanse and adderall that are making me have more energy to keep things in a orderly fashion..
The biggest question that I need to ask,
could I have OCD,
Does anyone know if OCD and ADD run together and can anyone else give me any feedback that will help and is anyone else feel the way I do..I appreciate your feedback..
; Aaron Lynn TT ...