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Are the IP 203 Percocets as strong as a 512 Percocet?

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Reality101 5 Feb 2022

Same drug made by different companies are not all the same the chemistry this fda regulate that whatever the fda can’t babysit these manufacturers sub par medications do make it out it’s not life critical medication and fda gives a parameter to be within on potency so some companies mylan for example love the low end of these parameters to make more money. The companies are dealing drugs and already knowingly manufacture far far more than scripts are written or even could be written to fill all there’s money to be made some people and therefore companies will cut corners that’s the way it is. Research your pharmacies companies that supply them and stick with a good one and check at the counter to make sure they havnt changed suppliers which sometimes happens cuz they won’t tell you and once you walk away from counter you are sol….

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Jakesmom2701 10 April 2018

Thank you. My husband thought they gave him a different medicine. The 512's knocked him out and the IP's do absolutely nothing

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Pancha80 1 Dec 2017

I currently take the 512 manufactured by mallinckrodt for the past 5 months 2 times a day for a rotator cuff surgery and carpol tunel surgery at first it was great but for some reason I'm not getting any relief

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Jhitz77 24 March 2018

It's no longer working for you because you built up a tolerance to it. Now you need a higher dose to feel the same effect you used to. I started on the 5s for pain and after a year my pain management doctor had to up me to 10mg to get the same relief.

Waldo3431 20 Nov 2017

The IP203 are stronger... take it from someone who knows... and they last longer

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Debo1234 4 May 2017

Yes I think they are.

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samuel2014 28 Jan 2017

I think that the 512's are way more stronger than the ip203's. The 512's gives you a head rush and you can't even feel the ip203 unless you take two or more of them so they are very weaker than the 512. You can take half of the 512 and it still be strong they are very powerful than the ip203's

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tigerfan1980 21 Aug 2013

They are the same

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eaglehaslanded 10 April 2012

Yes. I believe the ip203 percocets are as strong as the 512's. I deal with much pain every day & take percocet/ oxycodone 5-325 mg. every night in order to get any kind of sleep thru the Fibromyalgia pain. Add shingles to that. 3 yrs. ago, I broke my leg in 3 places. That's when I was introduced to the "peaceful pleasures" of this medication thru my family doctor who makes sure I am restricted to one pill a nite. He never writes out more than what I absolutely need, & am monitered. It has been a god-send as so many "pain pills" just don't work for me.
Thanks for letting my story be told. eaglehaslanded

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beezer34 26 April 2012

me too bro! im also monitored very closely but i take 90 a month for breakthrough pain that breaks through my 20mg oxycontin which is percocet just in a time released capsule or sorry, pill! u should try lyrica for the fybromyalgia. works great on my pinched nerve

PinkBerri3 12 April 2013

Although both are the same I think the 512's I had were stronger. I broke my fibula bone a week ago, and was prescribed oxy's for pain from the er. I filled them at a cvs and got the 512's they helped some what. When I went to the orthopedics to get a new cast I was given a new script as the hospital only provided a few. I filled this one at wal-mart and got the ip 203's. I'm not getting the same relief with those for some strange reason so I just started taking 800 mg of ibuprofen. It's helping more than the narcotic which is giving me a headache, and hardly relieving any pain.

Dreamedreamer11 15 Oct 2017

Hello, there are a number of variables that will cause one person to experience the objective affect of a drug like the generic form of Percocet, which is the drug being discussed here. Food, fluids, the height and weight of the individuals taking the same drug, and the same dose. Also, the age of the pills in a particular prescription will have an effect on potency when the prescription is beyond their expiration date noted on the prescription bottle.
Also, a factor like the quality of a particular drug made by one Drug Company, versus the same drug made by another drug Company, many Companies debate as to whether there is actually any real difference at all amongst the generic forms of a particular drug, but although it may be hard to tell sometimes if that is so, what I’ve read, has suggested that there often are differences in quality amongst generic versions of a particular drug.


These factors I have mentioned don’t actually discuss all of the possible reasons one person might experience one drug-in this case-5 mg-of Oxycodone/325 mg of Acetaminophen, as being more Potent than another pill produced by a different pharmaceutical Company of the same dosages. A variable like tolerance is another powerful factor that can cause an individual to experience the potency of the first few days of a prescription of Oxycodone, and Tylenol as being stronger than the doses taken during the third or forth week of the Tylenol and Oxycodone.
I may have taken the point trying to be made about one generic form of Percocet 5/325, and another opinion made about, another generic form, but made by another drug Company, a few steps further than a simple opinion on feeling one kind of pill is stronger than the other form of generic oxycodone/Tylenol, pill
Subjectivity, being most likely the dominant factor where opinion between two generic Oxycodone brands of the same kind of two drugs, are compared.
I have read, that amongst Brand named drugs, there is usually a more consistent experience of the potency of a drug like this. Brand named drugs-are usually better quality, than their generic counterparts.

MuhkayTitZ 27 Oct 2017

I know someone commented on here about taking Lyrica in 2012. I don't know if they're still following this thread but if you can see this !!Stop taking Lyrica!!! It messes your brain up and it's been a couple years already so hopefully you didn't keep taking it!

msbrendamckitric 1 Dec 2017

It’s basically the same drug only difference being the manufacturer

IhearttheOcean 26 May 2010

Yes they are the same drug.

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Plague 6 Sep 2011

They don't act the same or work the same. Ip203 don't have the same efect, seam weaker.

IhearttheOcean 6 Sep 2011

Lol thanks for the pointless thumbs down. Nothing I said deserves a thumbs down. I answered 100% correct. They are the exact same drug combination just made by different manufacturers. If they feel different to you its one of 2 things, either its in your head and not real (which happens all the time with ppl) or maybe the 203s you got were older and therefore less potent. Aside from that, there's no difference. All brands are verified by the FDA and can't vary from brand to brand. One persons opinion doesn't out weigh chemistry facts. Both pills are 5 mg oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen. As I said before, they are the same

AdamiRose 17 Sep 2011

While they are the same drug, sometimes there is a variation in the strength of either the active of inactive ingredients. I've been on percocet for almost 3 years now and I have noticed that while the 512s work one way the ip 203's work similar but not quite the same... the do seem weaker in the oxycodone to me as well. It could just be a variation in the way they're made.

IhearttheOcean 30 Sep 2011

Theres many explanations people swear by when it comes to these things and I myself used to be one of the ppl who would swear up and down that certain ones were stronger than others but theres just so many things that can make a huge impact on what they do to you. Most often it has to do with the time of day you take it or what you have eaten recently or with it. If you take it in the morning, they are always more "potent" or if its the first pill of the day, or if you already have it built up in your system or not, or if you have a full stomach or an empty stomach. Or another possibility is certainly if you have taken any other meds or alcohol.


Because theres so many things that can impact what affect you get from it, it can really seem like one is more potent than another while in reality if you dissolved them and run tests on them like the FDA does, you would find that they are exactly the same. Trust me, I totally believe what you are saying in that some seem stronger to you because it can very well seem that way. Even having someone else tell you one is stronger than the other can make it seem that way. A lot of it is mental and then a lot is physical in that theres a lot of outside influence on how well it works like I mentioned earlier. But regardless I can guarantee that they are all the same from brand to brand if they are labeled as the same exact drugs and they are a real US prescription. Its just all the other factors that make it seem otherwise. Ive been taking pain meds for about 13 years and over the course have done a ton of research as well as my own findings from personal use. And while I used to think that there definitely are differences, now I know there really isnt when it comes to the actual drug make up. Its just your body, timing and outside influence that makes it different.

lydiarose 6 Nov 2011

The other prescription I had as af yesterday are working fine, I used these today and they are not. In fact I did not know they were not the same manufacturer until I checked the medicine in the new bottle, because they were not working effectively, if I had not compared the 2 pill I would not have known the numbers were different on them

mendedwings68 8 Nov 2011

Can't fight science!

msbrendamckitric 27 Jan 2012

Well it might have the same type of "simular" ingredients, but can you explain why they don't work the same!

beezer34 26 April 2012

i thought that they were loracets which are tylenol with codeine. they seemed much weaker to me also but i see no difference between the 512's and any other labled percocet and ive been takin them for 3 yrs with oxycontin for "breakthrough" pain

outdoorguy37 20 March 2013

hello there,

In response to your question Percocet/Oxycocone. I have been using Oxycodone 5/325 for almost 9 years now and I am montiored closely. I am prescribed 90 per month thats 3 per day. I noticed using the 512's you get much more relief versus the IP 203's. The 512's works a little faster, you get a much more happier feeling and will last a little longer. When I took the 203's, I did not get the good feeling, they did not last very long, i got sleepy, felt nautious and my eyes burned and I got cranky. The only reason i had the 203's is that my regular pharmacy ran out of the 512's so I had to use another pharmacy that month. I asked my DR about it, he of course said there is no difference but I disagree. He said its ALL the samething just a different Pharmaceudical company. and the 5/325 does not contain exactly 5mg of oxycodone, it is less than that.


I found that, if you drink a mountain dew, or any type of soda with your pill it works a lot better than water or coffee, trust me it does. Because any soda, escpecially mountain dew is loaded with sugar and caffene. The sugar speeds up the oxycodone. Always take it a few hours after you eat or on an empty stomach, the food will absorb the medicine. As someone stated in a previous post, if you take as soon as you get up, it works best also.

To the user who bashed the ones using pain pills, people need. Go bash the ones who go by alcahol til they can't stand up, get behind the wheel of a vehicle and wind up killing themselves, or someone else. Instead of the people who are suffering because of chronic pain and need pain pills to function.

newsgrl00 29 March 2013

They aren't the same medication. People need to understand one thing, different binders are used in addition listen carefully folks... there is a sliding scale that is used regarding narcotics and some manufact... go low as much as 85% compared to the others that use 100% of the narcotic. So yes generics can be different. Understand this the FDA does one thing they make sure the same active ingredients are in the drug but have a SLIDING SCALE that has a low end and a high end... So whoever feels differently, it's because you DO... simple as that.

MoonGem 23 June 2013

I agree with you, there is no difference in potency. they are from different manufacturers that's all

Dreamedreamer11 15 Oct 2017

Diazepam is the same drug as Valium

msbrendamckitric 1 Dec 2017

They are the same just a different manufacturer

Amanda9-7-82 3 Feb 2018

Yes there could be a difference because each and every manufacturer has the legal right to put 10% less or 10% more of the active ingredient in their pills. Therefore one manufacturer may have 4% more of the main active ingredient and another may have 2% less of the main active ingredient causing one to be less potent and one to be more potent free discount card

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