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Are the IP 203 Percocets as strong as a 512 Percocet?

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IhearttheOcean 26 May 2010

Yes they are the same drug.

Plague 6 Sep 2011

They don't act the same or work the same. Ip203 don't have the same efect, seam weaker.

IhearttheOcean 6 Sep 2011

Lol thanks for the pointless thumbs down. Nothing I said deserves a thumbs down. I answered 100% correct. They are the exact same drug combination just made by different manufacturers. If they feel different to you its one of 2 things, either its in your head and not real (which happens all the time with ppl) or maybe the 203s you got were older and therefore less potent. Aside from that, there's no difference. All brands are verified by the FDA and can't vary from brand to brand. One persons opinion doesn't out weigh chemistry facts. Both pills are 5 mg oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen. As I said before, they are the same

eaglehaslanded 10 Apr 2012

Yes. I believe the ip203 percocets are as strong as the 512's. I deal with much pain every day & take percocet/ oxycodone 5-325 mg. every night in order to get any kind of sleep thru the Fibromyalgia pain. Add shingles to that. 3 yrs. ago, I broke my leg in 3 places. That's when I was introduced to the "peaceful pleasures" of this medication thru my family doctor who makes sure I am restricted to one pill a nite. He never writes out more than what I absolutely need, & am monitered. It has been a god-send as so many "pain pills" just don't work for me.
Thanks for letting my story be told. eaglehaslanded

beezer34 26 Apr 2012

me too bro! im also monitored very closely but i take 90 a month for breakthrough pain that breaks through my 20mg oxycontin which is percocet just in a time released capsule or sorry, pill! u should try lyrica for the fybromyalgia. works great on my pinched nerve

PinkBerri3 12 Apr 2013

Although both are the same I think the 512's I had were stronger. I broke my fibula bone a week ago, and was prescribed oxy's for pain from the er. I filled them at a cvs and got the 512's they helped some what. When I went to the orthopedics to get a new cast I was given a new script as the hospital only provided a few. I filled this one at wal-mart and got the ip 203's. I'm not getting the same relief with those for some strange reason so I just started taking 800 mg of ibuprofen. It's helping more than the narcotic which is giving me a headache, and hardly relieving any pain.

tigerfan1980 21 Aug 2013

They are the same

samuel2014 28 Jan 2017

I think that the 512's are way more stronger than the ip203's. The 512's gives you a head rush and you can't even feel the ip203 unless you take two or more of them so they are very weaker than the 512. You can take half of the 512 and it still be strong they are very powerful than the ip203's

Debo1234 4 May 2017

Yes I think they are.

Waldo3431 20 Nov 2017

The IP203 are stronger... take it from someone who knows... and they last longer

Pancha80 1 Dec 2017

I currently take the 512 manufactured by mallinckrodt for the past 5 months 2 times a day for a rotator cuff surgery and carpol tunel surgery at first it was great but for some reason I'm not getting any relief

Jhitz77 24 Mar 2018

It's no longer working for you because you built up a tolerance to it. Now you need a higher dose to feel the same effect you used to. I started on the 5s for pain and after a year my pain management doctor had to up me to 10mg to get the same relief.

Jakesmom2701 12 days ago

Thank you. My husband thought they gave him a different medicine. The 512's knocked him out and the IP's do absolutely nothing free discount card

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