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Why do 30mg oxycodones make you so itchy? yet 3 10 mg percocets don't?

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Bdubb13 21 April 2018

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30mg oxycodone does not have any acetaminophen in it but they both contain 30mg of oxycodone so the lack of acetaminophen may be why the 30mgs feel stronger = more itchiness?

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asher12 19 Feb 2010

oxycodone is the generic for percocet. they're the same thing. usually each pill contains the narcotic along with acetaminophen. so 3 separate pills usually have 10 mg of the narcotic with 325 mg of acetaminophen in each . the 30 mg pill would have the same 325 mg of acetaminophen. so the dose in comparison is 30mg/975mg and then 30mg/325mg. the acetaminophen helps to stop the itching. it's the basic information I was given. but check the medication you have to see the amount of acetaminophen that is in your pills. hope this makes sense.

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Inactive 17 Feb 2010

I wishI knew I thought it was just me. I have scratches all over me when I wake up. It mainly happened with the Percocet 10/325 If any one replys to you let me know Thanks I hope this is helpful just knowing that you are not alone

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