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What is the difference between oxycodone HCL 5 mg and percocets 5 mg?

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Dustball457 18 July 2021

The answer to your question is Percocet is a hybrid drug that is combined with acetaminophen, which is the active ingredient in Tylenol, whereas Oxycodone HCL is NOT!

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streak289 16 Jan 2018

What works better roxy 5 mg or Percocet5

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rommel19540 10 Sep 2017

I know its 5 years too late but since people have recently posted I just have to say that tracitropics was so ignorant and wrong in her response. I think the question has been answered sufficiently since then; however, I will add, and I'm assuming that everyone who is taking some form of these drugs, whether it is oxy hcl or oxy/apap, has a prescription and hence a legal right to be taking these meds. So if ever in doubt, instead of consulting a forum of amateurs, and I include myself, why not just call the pharmacy to query the pharmacist? LOL, it just seems like the safest and fastest way to get the correct info.

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Willa1959 18 May 2017

Is oxycodone HCL 5 The same as percoets

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LRP12121212 18 June 2017

No, absolutely not. Oxycodone HCL is a very small pill and you can tell obviously by the fact that it is so tiny and small there's no way it can contain 325 mg of Tylenol. Percocet however is very big comparatively speaking and about the same size as the 325 Tylenol.

If everyone is confused the simplest way is to look at the size, if it's a very small tiny pill than its oxycodone HCL or possibly OxyContin ( nothing more than a time released version of oxycodone) and does not contain anything else. If it's a larger white pill then it has Tylenol in it :)

The reason this information is so complicated and confusing is because of people who do not know them selves but yet feel the need to think they know something and make comments and replies about subject matter they have no clue about and why these individuals feel the need to share knowledge they do not contain is beyond my imagination!!!

LRP12121212 18 June 2017

Sorry my reply may have been a little confusing as I assumed something I should not have assumed. Here is the more simpler version :)

ALL Percocets contain Tylenol along with Oxycodone and will be a large pill basically resembling the same size as the 325 mg Tylenol.

ALL Oxycodone HCL ( everyone needs to ignore the HCL it's meaningless) will be in either one of two versions.

Just plain every day Oxycodone OR Oxycodone mixed in with some type of substance that will delay the release and as such, is an "extended release" Oxycodone which is referred to as OxyContin.

So there are only THREE things more or less in the world of oxycodone.

So you have either a Percocet, Oxycodone or OxyContin. That's it forever and ever and should not be as confusing as it is but as I say some will start talking about HCL, some people start saying things that they just really shouldn't and it has all led to do nothing more than muddy the water!!!

Chassa425 30 June 2017

What are the difference between the 2 pills both script say the same thing, but when I take them, 1 is stronger then the other? So I didn't know if it's the brand or something else. Does anyone else know y?

Joeyde 5 Dec 2017

It doesn't sound like to me anyone person whom commented on this subject have a real answer to the question said,,and only one was close about the size this part is true, although the HCL is time realise,,the 325 is tylonal ,this is an excellerator,, excuse my spelling ,,back in the day the had 7.5/500 ,,, 10./500,,, percocet after ten years you kinda know what's going on,,the time realise won't work by taking tylonal with it cause u only get a little of the oxycodon at a time not enough to take tylonal and expect it to work like an excellerator,,, but never mine me everyone was close just no one really explain the use of acetaminophen.

chennessey14 10 Sep 2016

To be completely clear, Oxycodone HCL is an opioid pain reliever. Percocet is a specific trade name for a tablet that contains Oxycodone HCL and Acetaminophen (trade name: Tylenol) in 2.5/325, 5/325, 7.5/325, and 10/325 proportions (mg oxycodone HCL/mg Acetaminophen).

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chennessey14 10 Sep 2016

Slight correction: Oxycodone is the opioid pain reliever. Oxycodone is typically combined with hydrochloric acid, hence the name oxycodone HCL (oxycodone hydrochloride) for tablets that do not contain acetaminophen.

DzooBaby 9 Jan 2012

Both drugs contain the opioid pain reliever oxycodone 5mg but Percocet also contains 325mg of acetaminophen along with the oxycodone. The oxycodone HCL is oxycodone alone.

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Kten 11 Jan 2012

Thank you, that is what I thought but I wanted to make sure. The question was asked because od drug screening test I might hsve. I get oxycodone 5 mg prescribed, but wanted to know thast if I took a percocet it would be ok if i had a drug pee test. Now that Iknow this i will not worry about failing a pee test again. Thank you, Kten

tracitropics 30 April 2012

Actually, no, sorry your wrong, hcl simply means Hydrochloric Acid which is common in a lot of different prescriptions... oxycodone hcl still has the acetaminophen as well it simply has Hydrochloric Acid (hcl) which is used in prescriptions binded to the drug itself. It helps to overcome digestive acids in the stomach.

tracitropics 30 April 2012

oh and one other thing, to answer the persons question about what is the difference the only difference is that percocet is a brand name and the other one is generic, percocet is like the name tylonol and nothing more. hope this answers your question, either way both are oxycodone in the exact same form.

broken back 12 Sep 2014

I was just switched off of oxycodone 5mg to oxycondone HCl 5 mg, I'm having a hard time finding information on the difference, meaning size of the pill is it same as the other one or smaller, if its going to help me more can I take medicine for my head aches more often now.

tllrml2 2 Oct 2014

I am on Oxycodone HCL 5 mg and yes its just oxycodone only and no acetaminophen I have a nurse and she told me the same thing that it makes it Percocet when the tylonol is added, but to me these work better than the percocet and she also said u can take tylonol with it or I am also prescribed 800 mg ibuprofen and she said i can switch back and forth between the tylonol and ibuprofen taken with the Oxycodone.

LRP12121212 25 Aug 2016

To this day I will NEVER understand why people like Tracitopics make comments that are not only 100% wrong, but do so in a very authoritative tone as if they are some kind of an expert!

Starts off by saying sorry, no you're wrong! Nothing is worse than arrogance when combined with ignorance.

The only difference between Percocet and oxycodone is oxycodone does not have any Tylenol in it. End of the story, conversation over, very simplistic.

There is enough confusion out there without people adding to it acting like they know something!!!

Tracitopics?? Research before you lead people astray..:

rubyreeves 26 Nov 2016

Why is it I can take percocet but oxycodone makes me jittery and on edge?

LRP12121212 6 Dec 2016

There is no reason Ruby :) Unless Tylenol calms you down.

dmdm4444 1 Sep 2017

I can tell you with complete certainty that oxycodone HCL DOES NOT, I repeat, DOES NOT have acetaminophen in it. I have chronic pancreatitis and two tumors in my liver that basically keep my liver enzymes high. I CANNOT take acetaminophen at all and my pain management just prescribed me oxycodone hcl. Please stop spreading ignorance!! Some people it could mean life or death. free discount card

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