I'm aware that the optimum dose of escitalopram is 10mg, but after two weeks on 10mg I was so tired and hardly able to keep my eyes open, that I reduced it to 5mg. Mainly because it was impairing my reactions whilst driving and that's not safe. I've been on 5mg for 4 days now and it has lifted the heaviness I was experiencing. I wondered if anyone has had long term success on this lower dose. A GP will only quote what you read on the leaflet so it's pointless asking him. I'm always interested in others personal experiences. I am also very light... only 105Ib and so I wonder if this lower dose for someone of my weight may be enough.

I'm in week 3 now and feeling quite weepy today. My mood is up and down... cannot wait to be more stable and able to cope with normal day to day life.

Thank you all for your support. Things are tough right now.