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Does anyone know of a sleeping pill (I have insomnia but have to take Xarelto for a PE)?


RunningManMd 3 March 2018

I was on Xarelto for 4 months for a DVT. Finally had to come off of it and transitioned to Coumadin. During my time on Xarelto, I experienced insomnia, joint paint, and lower back pain. The lower back pain got so bad I spent a 15 hours in an ER room standing up because I couldn't lay or sit down. I complained to my doctor about the back pain and the insomnia, and the office suggested taking pain meds and chamomile tea for sleeping. Xarelto was not the drug for me.

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littlebit34 12 March 2018

Sorry to hear about back pain. I have been on Xarelto over a year for congestive heart failure & afib... no problem w/ back or insomnia. Only rash & itching on arms & legs... which I'v heard can be quite common... I take 15mg & I cut back on it myself... feel better so I go from 15mg. & then 1/2 ... ask your Dr (I didn't) just talked to my med. Dr. I take .5mg. of Xanax for sleeping... been working for is commonly used for anxiety... good luck.. free discount card

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