I was taking Lutera about two years ago and really loved it until one day, went to go pick up my refill, and noticed that this new pack had a different name/packaging than what I had been taking. My pharmacy told me it was still Lutera just a different brand of it anymore, and I remember starting that first new pack and having the worst mood swings. Needless to say, I stopped taking birth control after that experience up until now. I went back in to a new gynecologist told her about my experience and that I would like to go back on Lutera. I just picked up my prescription and, once again, it is not the same name or even packaging as I remember Lutera being. I was wondering if anyone has experienced this type of switch from their regular Lutera version to Lessina and if they’ve experienced any significant differences between the two. Would like to know if this switch is just something that happens when certain medications are no longer available (i.e. discontinued) before frantically calling my gynecologist.