I had began to fall asleep while talking to people and wanting to fall asleep behind the wheel. At my therapist appointment I nodded off 3 times in 45 minutes. I already was established with a sleep specialist for severe Restless Leg Syndrome so I was sent back to him and he orded a sleep study. The findings showed my leg movements were minimal taking 2 MG of Requip 3 times a day and 1.5 MG of Klonopin at night. My sleep study did show that in the 6.27 hours of straight sleep I never achieved REM sleep once. Upon follow up visit he insisted I be titrated off the Effexor because it is known to keep people from achieving REM sleep and more than likely causing my exhaustion. Effexor also is known to make Restless leg syndrome worse in patients.

I am curious to know has anyone else had same problem.

Thanks Josephsmaw