I have been taking Hydrocodone 10mg/325 for years and it just is not working or if it does it wears off within a couple of hours. I just got a script for Oxycodone 15mg. It works but knocks me out, where the Hydrocodone
hyped me up. I worry about driving on the Oxycodone.
I had been wearing a Butrans patch but still had pain even with a #20 and I break out with pimple like sores under the patch. The best thing about Butrans is you can wake up with NO pain. With oral pain meds I feel like hell when I wake up and until I take something and it takes time for it to kick in.
I am finding that I HAVE to eat with the Oxy but don't with the Hydro. This morning I took a Hydrocodone 1st, as who feels like eating with your body is racked with pain plus I am not a person who likes to eat right when I wake up / can't remember ever wanting to.
I have 2-3 types of pain... trigeminal nerve pain, arthritis, and possible fibro.
I am currently wearing my arthritic gloves as my hands have been so painful since the weather turned cold here in the North West.
Interested to hear back about anything I mentioned.