I've been taking 50mg Zoloft a day and Alprazolam when needed - probably once or twice a week.

Major PAs three years ago, since then cyclical limited symptom attacks mostly.

I had a bad week or so recently. Not super PAs but not pretty.

A new doctor (mine retired) decided to give me Valium, 5mgs twice a day. I half jokingly said that he'd better renew my Alprazolam or I'd have a panic attack right in his office. He complied - although he may have done so anyway.

I took a Valium in the morning, felt OK - but by the afternoon I had a bad reaction - anger. I wanted to throw things and strangle my dog. Of course, I didn't. After two days of this I cut down to half the 5mg pill in the morning, half at night. So late in the afternoon I only got half as angry. After awhile it wasn't so bad. The Alprazolam I take when needed, one every three days or so, when I'm feeling panicky.

It seems to me that Valium is OK, I get less LSAs and take less Alprazolam.

But ... my question is this: Putting the small amount of Zoloft aside - does anybody on the board have prescriptions for and take two benzodiazepines? I can't find much info on alprazolam/diazepam contraindications - and I'm wondering if the reason is that prescribing and taking two benzos isn't very common. What's up with this?