I recently had two severe panic attacks induced by caffeine about a month ago and since then I've been severely anxious and moderately depressed (it was like night and day, I went from normal to full blown panic disorder in one day) I was put on 10mg of Paxil with Ativan as needed and have only finished my second week of Paxil, still waiting for the meds to kick in. I am aware of depersonalization and disreality, both of which I experienced during and after my panic attacks, but now I'm experiencing something different, in a way. I see everything as "wrong" and "weird" almost dream like, yet I don't feel detached or feel like nothing is real. I still think everything is real but everything feels "strange" and "off". I wish I could explain more but I don't know how. Even my memories seem that way when I recall them. I'm not constantly feeling this way just within the past 3 days. Is this just depersonalization and disreality? Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks!