Hi everyone, I was prescribed 75 mg of Zoloft 5 weeks ago for postpartum depression. Im having very strange symptoms since beginning this medicine and hope to find out what they are caused by.My doctor says these are normal side effects of Zoloft but i am still concerned.Since i began zoloft i have had awful headaches, sore throat and tongue as well as slight swelling(lasts about 2 hrs after taking medication)lower abdonimal and back pain.Tingeling sensation near back of neck.Has anyone ever experienced any of these symptoms? Lastweek i decided to stop the medicine(unaware of the danger) and wow, i wish i never began this medication.I had severe body pain,insomnia,panic attacks and sharp sudden stabbing pains throughout my head.I truely felt as though i was losing my mind.I want to get off this medication but now i am scared to,Someone please help me with any information thank you!