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Anxiety - is lorazepam stronger than xanax?

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Seizure55 20 May 2017

Ativan, while a decent anxiety remedy, is primarily used as an emergency anticonvulsant in a trauma center setting. I have epilepsy and carry 1mg tablets as well as a VNS implant. In the event of a seizure warning (aura) I will generally induce an emergency pulse (way higher) jolt of current up my left Vagus Nerve directly into my brain to keep eleptiform waves from synchronizing. If i fail to do this, the device will allow only a 20% heart rate increase in a 3 second timespan or it will do it by itself. So far it's worked for 8 months. Ativan would be administered post ictally kinda like a bouncer in a bar. Strong, fast acting and a long half life. Used as needed it should last me forever with few dose increases. During a seizure that wont stop in an ER setting, youre gonna get 3-6 mg of the stuff intramusculary because it's unlikely anyone's gonna get a salene lock in your arm during a seizure.


Youre not going home for 6-8 hours after getting a dose this big and there WILL be a ventilator close by.

For anxiety, stick with SSRIs or whatever else your doc suggests. With all benzodiazepines, the higher the dose the more frequently administered, the sooner they will become medically useless. Even in the possibly lifesaving doses needed in a hospital.

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DrJacobPaulMcCartyII 5 March 2013

no. it is 1 mg per .5 mg of xanax.

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Inactive 1 Nov 2012

This question was posted back in 2009, however, I will give an answer for future readings.
Xanax 0.5 mg = Lorazepam 1 mg. The xanax has a half life of 6-12 hrs and Lorazepam half life is 12-20 hrs.

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cwake19 1 Nov 2012

Ahh! Didn't see that. I wouldn't have commented. It showed up in recent posts or something like that...

Inactive 1 Nov 2012

Cwake, it's alright, because people that come on the site and search for specific things will benefit just the same as if it were an old or new post. The main thing is everyone gave the correct answer. May you have a great day ... pamee

angel1662 1 Nov 2012

Hello jenniferbeater,
I have been on both of these benzo's and your ? is which is stronger in my opinion and I am sure soon a lot of people will be on to agree that xanax is stronger medication...

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cwake19 1 Nov 2012

Not technically. It's about half the strength of xanax, but nothing beats a good 'ol IV of lorazepam when you're in the hospital ;)

According to most benzodiazepine equivalence tables, 1mg lorazepam equals 0.5mg alprazolam. I'd link you to the table but my comment wouldn't get posted due to the link. (the site automatically flags the post as possible spam so it has to be manually approved, and they never go through).

So again, Xanax is roughly twice the strength of lorazepam. Good luck.


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barbles2413 1 Dec 2009

My experience xanax works faster Ativan last longer.

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Psychmajor 1 Dec 2009

they are suposed to be about the same. for me lorazepam doesnt do anything at all but xanax kicks my booty... anyway these are also some of the most addictive ones you can get for benzos (faster acting and stronger than the others)

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