I'm 20 almst 21. I was on depo provera on and off for 2 years, I was supposed to take my last shot in May but, I decided not to go on with the depo so I didnt go. About couple months later I had my first panic attack and then the anxiety slowly creeped up on me. Since then I have been constrantly worrying, had intrusive thoughts, obsessive thoughts, aware of my thoughts too much, my visions been bugging me too.. but the symtoms always change and lately I been so scared I might develop any disorder such as schizophrenia, split personality, dissocitive disorder.. and past couple weeks i've also been feeling depersonalization. I'd jst like to know if these are all cause by anxiety. and if my anxiety will go away once the depo is all out of my system. i've been researching and numerous women have developed anxiety cause of it. its been so hard these past 5 mo. i jst want it all to go away. and be back to normal again. also read depo lasts in ur system for about a yr. does thatmean id be having anxiety until it goes awya? nd how do i knw my anxiety is caused by depo? and could be it GAD? I have seen a dr about it and she said the depo does cause anxiety and its a stronger dose so it can really take a while for it to get out of my system. btw my anixety has descreased since then and she said itll slowly go away. im jst worried.