Hello, I have been dealing with depression for a few years and have had little success with antidepressants: Lexapro, Cymbalta, Pristiq... Either no effect or only side effects and of course the withdrawal after stopping the medications. I became very turned off and scared of antidepressants because of the side effects and withdrawal.

I have shared that with my recent psychiatrist and he suggested trying Vyvanse at 20mg in the morning as my biggest complaint was constant fatigue, concentrate, engage in hobbies, socialize, etc. I have panic attacks the worse I'm feeling during a period of time so I was also given Ativan. For the first time, I was able to do things, socialize, eat better, exercise, etc. and my 30 tabs of Ativan lasted me over 4 months because I didn't get attacks often anymore.

I was still struggling with suicidal thoughts and other mental blocks however, so I went off of Vyvanse to try Pristiq which made everything worse and ruined my ability to sleep normally... I struggled with insomnia all my life and I'm in the process of getting back to where I was. This is my second day sleeping without sleeping pills! Very hard...

I'm now back on Vyvanse and he knows I still have my bad thoughts and insisted on giving Zoloft 25mg a try; I resisted but I found after 1-2 weeks, I actually had a week or so of no suicidal thoughts, overthinking, paranoia... etc. I didn't even notice I felt better in that regard, but I felt the most fatigue I've ever felt on Zoloft even while on Vyvanse... A week after, my thoughts came back and I'm slightly less tired and I think it is because I now require a higher dose of Zoloft or perhaps I should try something else? I have heard Prozac is similar to Zoloft but minus the fatigue so I'm curious about that... Any advice?