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Are Ambien 10mg and trazadone 50mg safe to take together for insomnia?


Windchimes123 15 Jan 2018

Hi Sleepless,
These two drugs are the only ones that work for me.
If you become tolerant talk to your doctor.
You may want to come off the Ambien and try Lorazepam 1mg with the Trazadone for only a week or two.
One point I'd like to make...
If you haven't had a sleep study you should talk to your doc.
These drugs may be dangerous if you have sleep apnea.
If that is the problem ten a c-pap machine may benefit you greatly.
Sleep well

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chuck1957 13 Jan 2018

Sleepless, Yes this is a fairly common combination check with your doctor and see they also sometimes take just the Trazodone every night and the doctor may have you add the Ambien to take with it 3 nights a week just see what your doctor wants you to do. Best wishes

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