I started having insomnia bout 2 months now some nights i sleep some nights i dnt i was prescribed trazodone 50mg is 50mg to low should i take a little more, i wanna get some advice or what you people use to help you sleep and stay asleep??? I was also put on generic ambien 5mg i took it once only didnt like the hangover feeling and i did not sleep so i stopped it, should i give the generic ambien another try?? I saw a psychaitrist He put me on 25mg serquel and i dnt wanna go that route because im still young 28 only i dnt wanna be on it the rest of my life, i used it the first night but it didnt put me to sleep just feeling a lil weird the first night so i stopped the second night and went back on trazodone 50mg... i sleep but not long maybe an hr or at most 3hrs only... if i was to stick to trazodone how many mg should i take to put me completely asleep?? 2nd question if i was to go the Seroquel Route how much mg should i take for it to put me to sleep and be effective??