Hello everyone,

I’ve had insomnia basically my whole life and when it got very bad I finally went to my doctor for a prescription. I took 10 mg of Ambien every night for about eight months until I started to feel bad the next day – achy all over with increased anxiety.

So I went off of it and struggled with insomnia for three months. The lack of sleep made me start up on it again for the past two months, but I have been able to taper down from 10 mg to 5 mg over the past three weeks.

I really want to get off of it because it still makes me feel bad during the day and I don’t sleep well with it.

I have a prescription now for 50 mg of trazodone each night. What I don’t know is how to best switch over without risking withdrawal symptoms like seizures.

I don’t want to take them both at the same time because I take a benzodiazepine for anxiety during the day and I don’t want to risk taking too many sedating medications.

Should I try using trazodone just a few nights per week and then gradually cut the Ambien out? Or take Ambien one night and Trazodone the next? Has anyone here been able to just drop the Ambien and go right to Trazodone?

Thanks very much for any information you can share with me on making this switch.