I have RA and other inflammatory problems associated with Marfan's Syndrome. I cannot take any NSAIDs. I currently take narcotics to reduce pain; however, I need an anti inflammatory desperately! I take steroids every other month to help but the side effects are horrible. What alternatives are there that will not cause a reaction similar to Asprin? All of the RA drugs contain or react like Asprin but surely I'm not the only person in this situation. I currently take Oxycontin 20 3 times daily. It actually doesn't affect how I feel, which is good! So I can work and drive. I just need something to reduce inflamation, particularly in my tailbone - always a fun place to have pain! Thank you for your help. I'm at my whits end. My doctors are reasearching. Just an FYI - I suffer no heart or other neurological problems from the Marfan's. Mine is all joint related, at this time. Thanks again!