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Can I take alcohol, like wine and scotch while on Plavix?


chuck1957 4 April 2016

aleman there really not any big interactions if were just talking about a drink or two with dinner but make sure your medication is at least 6 hours away from any alcohol to be safe. Or check with your doctor. They drink a glass or two of wine or have a drink also. But no major problem but You would not want to do it every night.

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Delila 22 March 2016

Hi, data suggests that you are safe to have "1 or 2" drinks in a day whilst taking Plavix. Are you having regular INR readings? There is debate over alcohol leading to over anticoagulation when taking these medications, with some professionals saying that the combination of alcohol and Plavix, for example, can lead to blood clots. To be safe i would give your doctor a call. Sorry for the possibly confusing response!

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