I have suffered from low-grade depression symptoms for the last 20 years. I began with Prozac, a miracle but it made me gain weight. Next was Effexor, almost as good, some weight gain but stayed with it for several years (After trying a couple of others with little result.). Then, the depression slowly returned, so my doctor put me on Wellbutrin, 450 mg a day, and it made a huge, wonderful difference; I felt like myself again and without weight gain or sleepiness. Now, after about 10 or so years, the depression is coming back like a descending, dark cloud, and I don't know what to do! 450mg seems to be the maximum. It was suggested that the efficacy of brand name Wellbutrin is better long-term so I tried that, no difference. I have seen suggestions of supplementing Wellbutrin with something like Prozac, Cymbalta, or Effexor, but I am worried about the side effects coming back, like weight gain (just adds to the depression), sleepiness, irritability, etc.. Has anyone had this problem before? I am starting to feel desperate and don't know what to do, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You!