I am considering starting Contrave! I want to lose weight especially by July! I just need some input and advice how to lose weight successfully with Contrave? I have weighed the heaviest I’ve been! I tried Nutrisystem and Weight Watchers. They didn’t work for me. Nutrisystem w
got way too expensive for me. I was on Physicians Weight Loss Centers plan and I lost 40lbs but I thought their plan was way too unhealthy! I have hypothyroidism. I hardly exercise because I’m either unmotivated and I feeling to sluggish. I also emotional binge eating. I eat out of bored and I tend to over eat and that seems to be my problem! So by taking contrave... I understand that it is suppose to stop cravings and hunger. It seems like it helps “cut calories” because it helps you eat less. How do people drop a lot of weight so fast with Contrave? I have read many reviews especially the ones with the highest ratings. Reading them has inspired me to get a prescription and it definitely helps me! I know everyone varies!