I have been taking Advair 100/50 for about 1 1/2 years. I can say, especially at first, my breathing was much better. I believe I've gotten to where I need a higher dose though. My question is though, for the past year I have had a sore throat. Not just a little irritation, but PAIN. Everyday. I've also noticed my throat is very red and in the back near my tonsils I have developed white spots all over. Sometimes some will go away for awhile, but they never all go away. Neither does the pain. I always since day one have rinsed and gargled with water with both my morning and night dose. I have no idea as to why my throat has been so sore with these white spots for so long. No doctor seems to be concerned, but I had never had neither of the problems before taking Advair. Is this something common that people suffer from while taking this? Or should I seek another medical opinion?