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Can I take Adderall in morning and Seroquel at night?

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masso 29 Nov 2018

What did your Dr tell you???

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Nitro061 28 Nov 2018

Adderall or any stimulant should be taken in the morning as it’s designed to leave your body at bedtime. Serequal could be taken morning or night but if you are on it for mental health then start of your day and if not or side effects are a concern night time.

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marzboy777 27 Nov 2018

Hi Dallasjo!
I'm not a medical person so it'd be irresponsible of me to say yeah, go ahead. I'd absolutely talk to my prescribing doctor. I CAN however tell you my experience with Seroquel. I found it to be too sedating for me and stopped it a few years ago for that reason. Again... only my experience.

I will tell you that I take Adderall and speaking personally because it's a stimulant it might not be prudent to mix it with something sedating. Again--best to speak to your prescribing doctor.

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Callie2018 28 Nov 2018

I took Seroquel periodically for 1-2 years. Have developed tardive dyskensia, abnormal mouth, tongue, jaw movement.unable to get rid of despite stopping drug long ago, remedial medicines. It's horrible. Avoid anti-psychotics if at ALL possible. Be aware of potential side effects. Get educated. I'm a nurse and didn't follow through. Now, a mess. free discount card

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