... prescribed but I told my doc I was taking them..I had stopped for the first 3 months and then started again. I asked her if she could prescribe them insead of the codiene and tylenol she was giving me because they don't make me nauseous and tired like the others did and she looked it up and said shed rather not..but if I have them she couldn't stop me from taking them. So she gave me hydrocondone 5mg instead. My ? Is, what r the chances my baby will be born with withdrawls, would the withdrawls be the same as hydro withdrawls and if the docs know he's withdrawling can cps get involved and can they tell the difference between tramadol and hydrocodone in the babys system because the tramadol is not prescribed but the hydrocodone is. My doc knows I've been taking the tramadol but still not sure if I can get into trouble for it..id I stop a month before my due date what are the chances my baby will withdrawl. Sorry long I know but these are all ?s I need answred