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I had 3 ciggerrettes today, can I put on a nicotine patch after smoking?

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kaismama 28 Dec 2014

Yes, you cannot smoke when its on however. I tried bupropion and with that I'm really having success.

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jamesleeblevins33 28 Dec 2014

thank you. i just took my wellbutrin right now and im done smoking today. so its ok to put my patch on? i just had a ciggerette half hour ago.

jcolson 16 Jul 2015

Get some nicotine gum to go along with the patch, this will help you over the rough spots

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David754 9 May 2018


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Dragboat 17 Aug 2018

I’m also on day 7 of Wellbutrin I have to say I do not want to smoke but makes me feel weird I’m hoping that goes away was supposed to start 2 pills today I honestly don’t see that happening

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chris2019 18 Feb 2019

i just smoked a cigarette and i decided that i want to quit smoking how long do i have to wait to wear a nicotine patch?

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