I take 2-3mg Xanax every 2-3 days for anxiety, and have been doing this for nearly 6 months now. On average, I take 2mg EVERY OTHER DAY. It works wonders, and I would take it every day but I am terribly scared of benzo withdrawal. However my question is this; if I continue to take 2-3mg Xanax every 2-3 days, will I eventually become physically dependent? Or is am I spacing my doses out far enough to where I will avoid physical dependency? If I continue dosing this way for a few years and suddenly stop, will I have withdrawal symptoms? I am absolutely terrified of benzo withdrawal and want to avoid it at all costs, I am unwilling to give up the Xanax altogether however. It really is my saving grace when it comes to relieving my general anxiety. Any responses/thoughts/answers will be greatly appreciated!